Mindy teaches Creative Dance and Yoga at Spoke the Hub – for class info click here

Creative Dance and Yoga for 4-6 years old

This fun energy filled class, combines yoga fundamentals, poses, music, games, and movement exploration to develop students’ physical awareness, coordination, focus, and social skills!

See what happens in class:  Video clip 1       Video clip 2


Creative Dance and Yoga for 7-11 years old

This playful class will intertwine creative movement and yoga. Children will build strength, flexibility, concentration, rhythmic, and basic motor skills in this energizing class. Incorporating the imagination, music, props, stories, nature and movement games, children develop a dance, music and yoga vocabulary as well as social skills while learning about their bodies and how to use them as a means of creative expression. This class will allow students to release energy, develop a balanced mind, and build a strong and flexible body, all while having FUN!

Guest Artist for ages 10-18:


Excerpt from teaching at Halestone Dance (VA)

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