Artist Statement/Biography

61216MK3-207-smI work from an eye of dance to create multi-media art.  This art comes from a place of playful inventions that is capable of springing up at any given moment.  My ideas both enter me from my environment and leave me from my center.  The place at which these two collide is where art comes to exist. I explore with a breathing presence and open pores.  I feel like I have lots of fingers and tongues that extend to touch and taste the environment.  I listen, with all of my senses, to the people around me to learn movement of the face and body, reactions, opinions, and interactions.  Human touch is most important to me.  I love to play with the weight of moving bodies intertwining through and with each other.  I experiment in spaces of visuals, sounds and smells to trigger conversations of blended moods.

“Cube Walk” Photo by Emma Smith

A Brooklyn native, Mindy Toro graduated from Connecticut College with a BA in dance.  Toro started dancing Irish Step Dancing at seven years-old.  She then went to study dance at Spoke the Hub in Park Slope, Brooklyn for ten years with Elise Long and Erin Gottwald.  Toro danced at the 92nd Street Y as a Recanati-Kaplan Scholarship Student.  In 2006, Toro danced in Brooklyn’s empty McCarren Pool for Noemie Lafrance’s Agora II.  In 2007 and 2008 Toro performed in the Prospect Park Zoo with Philippa Kaye.  In the summer of 2008 Toro did Capoeira with Mestranda Edna Lima which furthered her intrigue in athletic movement.  In 2009 Toro attended American Dance Festival Six-Week-School.

Mindy has shown her choreography at the Socrates Sculpture Park, LAVA, La Mama, Movement Research at the Judson Church, Danspace at St. Mark’s Church, and at various street festivals, parks, and gardens around the city.

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